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Infinite Vision Eye Care & Exams | Pediatric Optometrist in Miami Lakes FL

Looking for an Eye Doctor in Miami Lakes?

Miami Lakes, Optometrist Giannie M. Castellanos, O.D. is not only here to provide you with high quality eye exams but also to address all your optical needs. Dr. Castellanos is an expert eye doctor offering adult eye care and specializing in eye exams for children of all ages.

Many people take their vision for granted until it starts to fail them. Age-Related Macular Degeneration, AIDS/HIV, Albinism, Anisocoria, Avastin and Diabetes are the leading causes for vision problem ranging from blurriness to dark spots, double vision and more.

Since vision problems are not temporary conditions like a common cold, early diagnosis is preferable in order to limit or slow down vision lost. The American Academy of Ophthalmology recommends that healthy adults get a complete eye exam. However, more frequent exams are recommended for those with diabetes and or for those with a family history of eye disease.

Youngsters and teens, on the other hand, have different eye care needs than adults have. Children that are easily made irritable by bright light or unable to pick up small objects may need to have their vision checked by a pediatric optometrist. Others as young as one year old are unable to experience good vision without the assistance of corrective lenses. Children should have their first full eye exam by 3 years old to detect any visual or binocular abnormalities. Be checked by the pediatrician should not replace a full optometric eye exam. As a rule of thumb, it is recommended that whenever in doubt contact Miami Lakes and schedule an appointment.