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Pediatric Optometrist in Miami Lakes, Fl.

Are you looking for an experienced and patient pediatric optometrist in Miami Lakes? Look no further than Infinite Vision! With the majority of her patients being under the age of fifteen, Miami Lakes optometrist Dr. Giannie M. Castellanos, O.D. has built quite a following with parents of children in need of corrective eyewear.

Being proactive with your child’s eye health is very important. Children should have a comprehensive eye exam before their first birthday, then again at the age of three, and once again at the age of five, followed by annual eye exams once they start school. Because 70% of what we learn as kids is visual, it is very important that we address any vision problems at an early age. Poor vision in kids has been associated with delays in crawling or walking and developing speech as well as social behavior problems such as shyness or hyperactivity. Furthermore, there are several vision problems that if not addressed before the age of five may result in permanent loss of vision.

Without a comprehensive eye exam, it is difficult to detect vision problems. However, just like with adults, if you notice your child adopting any of the following behavior it is advised that you seek the help of a pediatric optometrist. Common hints of vision problems in kids:

  • An eye that crosses in or turns out
  • Sitting too close to the TV
  • Getting too close to books or computer
  • Closing or squinting one or both eyes under bright conditions
  • Difficulty focusing on small objects
  • Clumsiness or bumping into things
  • Headaches after reading/computer use
  • Red or watery eyes after reading or in school

In many occasions, a little educating goes a long way. So, if you have any questions or concerns please call us! As they say, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.